Monday, June 23, 2008

Updating My Collection

Question: I want to update my closet with a couple of good suits. I wear a suit almost every day, and I have around 8 in the stable now. I need to cull a few and add a couple more. I have owned Warren K Cooks in the past, and found them very well suited, but mostly had made to measure. Now, I really don't want to spend what I have in the past ( The Cooks came to be over $1200 each over 10 years ago). I have a stocky athletic build, and I am not tall, 5'8". I live in an isolated area, so appropriate suits are almost always special order, which adds to the price significantly. Like almost everyone, I love a bargain.

Reply: You need a nice suit as you are accustomed to the quality of Warren K. Cook. I highly recommend that you consider our Manzoni line. Their fabrics are excellent, primarily from Italian Mills, and the construction of the suit is excellent. Another option is a nice custom suit in a style and fabric of your choice for $550 - $650.

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