Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Short Shorts! Short Suit!

Q: I'm 6'4" and see this really nice mellow pinstripe suit that I want to buy. I'm size 43L, and waist is 36 or 37 usually. 2 questions: am I too tall for a pinstripe? Secondly, do I really need a 43XL (they aren't available) or is a 43L good enough (it kind of reaches the wrist and base of my thumb). thanks!

A: Stripes tend to stretch tall guys and make them appear even taller. Vert soft, subdued stripes are fine but prominent stripes will over emphasize your height. At 6' 4" your are a borderline Extra Long. The classic approach to determining the proper length of a suit jacket is to ensure that the jacket covers the crotch and seat. Today's designer suits, however, tend to be shorter than that and are not rule bound so if you are a trendy dresser, don't hesitate to wear a suit a little on the short side.

Please note that arm length has nothing to do with the the length of a suit jacket. If a buddy of yours is the same height, size etc as you but has arms 3" longer than yours, it does not mean that he should wear a jacket to his knees.

Hope this helps.

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