Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make my 5'4" Husband look 6'3"

Q: My husband is 5' 4" tall, has short legs (29") and a bit of a round belly. How do I choose shirts and pants that don't cause his belly to protrude to the point of making him look pregnant??? (other than helping him stick to his diet ;) I LOVED your instructions for fitting dress shirts and the conversion for sports shirt. THANK YOU!!!

A: Just follow a few simple rules and your husband will look like he is 6'3" and have the waist of a fashion model. By the way, he should always look 6' 3" to you anyhow, we will try to make him look that way to the rest of the world. A few simple rules to hide a protruding mid section for those who are vertically challenged:

- Never wear prominent checks

- Tastefully selected stripes are good

- Refrain from combining highly contrasting tops and bottoms.

- Do not wear pants that are excessively tapered. The width of the pant should land just before the ball of the foot

- Do not wear tight fitting tops. A slightly loose fit, particularly around the shoulders will reduce the protrusion of the mid section.

- Wearing a sport jacket with a little extra shoulder is a good idea.

- Stay away from cuffed bottoms on pants as well as turned up jeans. They will make the legs look even shorter.

- Keep pants a touch longer rather than short.

Please let me know how this works out.


Earlene said...

nice tips , hope it works :)

Belly Surya Candra Orsa said...

Great Blog..!!!! Keep Blogging.... : )