Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Custom Suits - The ExecStyle Difference

Custom suits have been a great addition to www.ExecStyle.com, so much so, that we've decided to add custom pants, jackets and tuxedos as well. Along with this addition our designers have made measuring yourself much more user friendly and anyone can now create their own perfectly fitting custom tailored suit. We have created two methods for you to enter your measurements; Copy an existing suit or just give us your off the rack size with your standard alterations and we will tailor a suit, tuxedo, sport coat or pant for you in 2 - 4 weeks.

Virtually anyone can now create their own tailor made designer clothes. ExecStyle allows you to choose your style, fabric and size for virtually every part of your body. You can design fits that are portly, athletic, short, extra short, tall or extra extra tall. Tailor a double breasted or single breasted tuxedo, suit or sport jacket.

ExecStyle custom tailored suits are available in a variety of fine woolens in solid shades as well as patterns. Our fabrics are sourced in fine mills all over the world including the finest lengths available from Reda of Italy. The suits, sport coats and pants are tailored in Montreal, the fashion capital of North America.

These garments are tailored in a state of the art facility with computerized cutting and process controls to ensure an exact fit. The utmost of care is taken to ensure that we deliver a great looking custom suit every time. Each and every suit, sport jacket and pant is carefully inspected by a trained tailor to ascertain that all our quality criteria have been adhered to.

Need help in designing your own tailor made suit, tuxedo, sport coat or pant? Call or email us 1-877-393-2789 info@ExecStyle.com

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Anonymous said...

I purchased an ExecStyle custom suit. I am a size 70 Extra Tall and ExecStyle made me look better than I ever expected on my wedding day. Having a suit custom cut by ExecStyle is not just about fitting a man that may be of extraordinary dimensions. Having a garment custom made means so much more! It expresses the individual taste and personality by way of unique fabrics that may not be part of a seasonal collection. And by adding personal touches that set my garment apart from those of my friends and colleagues. Real surgeons cuffs, fancy linings, and inside breast pockets that were monogrammed with my name created the uniqueness which I desired for my wedding day. Thanks ExecStyle!