Monday, April 30, 2012

How do you dress? Casual, smart casual or business classic?

Everything about your presentation plays a supporting role to you as a candidate in an interview and that includes your clothing. View yourself as the masterpiece framed by your clothing. It is there to draw attention to you not to itself. So if the interviewer remembers the clothing, other than you were well dressed, something is amiss – you were dressed for a party not an interview, your clothing was loud or perhaps not well maintained.

How do you dress? Casual, smart casual or business classic?

All of the above work today in the right setting but when in doubt err on the side of formality.

With a little luck you will be told at the start of the process how to dress, otherwise, if in doubt, don’t be shy to call HR and find out how successful candidates generally dress for interviews. You can also visit the company and its website to get an impression of the corporate culture.

Most accounting firms, law firms, financial institutions and generally firms offering openings of a professional nature expect candidates to dress in business classic. The culture in the advertising, architecture, technology and entertainment industries often allow for a little flare and more casual attire, but even there be informed and don’t take it too far. You want to communicate that you respect the interview process and you are eager to land the job.

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