Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Execstyle's 10-Steps Plan to Prom

Guys, getting ready for prom night? Following is the Holy Grail on what you should wear:

1. Swagger-Jack a Celeb

The awards show season is an annual parade of men's evening looks, where every option under the sun is put on display. If their choice is not far off the beaten track you might be able to copy their look for a fraction of what they paid.

2. Buy or Rent?
Now, we know that if you're at the usual attending age, chances are your calendar isn't stacked with black-tie events, so if you insist on a tux cosider renting. Be aware that a rental will almost never fit and look like a nicely tailored tuxedo. The other choice, which we suggest, is purchasing a great looking black suit which can look as spectacular as the finest tux. Your investment won't sit in the closet, it will keep you looking great for many years.

3. Make Sure Your New Tux (Or Suit) Fits Like it Should
The other big difference between the tux you own and the one you don't is that when it's yours, you can make sure it fits like a glove. 

The Jacket

  1. The collar should hug your neck without gaping or breaking underneath
  2. The lapels should not gape and should fall smoothly along your chest
  3. Jacket shoulders should fall smoothly on you
  4. The jacket should be able to close without being overly snug
  5. Sleeves should reach just below the wrist bone allowing ¼” to ½” of shirt cuff to show
  6. The jacket should cover the seat and reach the crotch in front

The Pant
  1. Should rest just above or on your hips
  2. Should fall cleanly all the way down
  3. Should break slightly over the shoe
  4. Should fall to the top of the heel in back or as much as 1” shorter
  5. Should cover approximately the front 1/3rd of your shoe

4. Don't Be Afraid to be a Black-Tie Rebel
Work with textures. Try a cut velvet or silky looking evening jacket with a solid black pant. Wear a tie or bow with a splash of colour and a pocket square with some dazzle. Dark shirts - black, charcoal, grape - are a move away from classic, into the world of Jack Sparrow

5. Sweat the Small Stuff
The finishing touches make all the difference. Make sure your tie or bow, your shoes socks, pocket square, jewelry frame you in the image you want to portray and let your indivduality rise to the surface - otherwise you will look like one of the pack which is not necessarily a bad thing.

6. Color Outside the Lines
Who says that prom has to be a black-tie affair? Well, if your invite does, then that's that, but if you happen to have a more open-ended dress code, buck the formal trend and go for a suit that shows a bit more personality but is equally appropriate for the big night. 

7. Get Groomed the Smart Way
You're going to have to shave, or at least trim (let summer break be your experimental-facial-hair phase). If you want to keep some scruff, do it like our man model here, and keep it cleaned up. And, you should plan your haircut at the right time. About one week before the big day is enough lead to allow your sharply shorn 'do to settle in. You don't want to pose for pics looking like you just got out of the chair.

8. A Couple Sprays Go a Long Way
Formal occasions are not an excuse to douse oneself in patchouli. Going heavy on the cologne isn't going to help you look any better, and certainly won't be fun for those closest to you all night (i.e. your date). A night like prom is, however, an occasion to break away from your usual scent and try something new. If you have trouble figuring out what works best for you mail us or drop by.

9. Think Outside the (Florist's) Box
A guy who gets his date a rose corsage is like the guy who goes to a great Italian restaurant and orders spaghetti and marinara; there's nothing wrong with it, but so many more exciting options are out there! Try an orchid or calla lily that will look unique amongst the parade of roses on the big night. Same goes for your boutonniere.

10. Be a Gentleman
This might be the most important after all. Step up to the plate and impress her by opening car doors, helping her to her seat, and standing when she gets up to go to the bathroom with six other girls. A little bit of chivalry goes a long way, especially at the after--party. 

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