Monday, May 26, 2008

How Do I Get Rid Of Suit Odor?

Some of my wool suits smell as though they are sweat stained or in
need of cleaning even after they have been dry cleaned. These are all top line and fairly expensive items. What is causing this? Is there ever a time when the lining within the jacket and trousers can/should be replaced? Thanks.


This is a question that I would take to a large, very professional dry cleaner. The Better Business Bureau might be able to lead you to someone in the business that can respond to your question. But following are some of my thoughts. Before you go to any expense try a different cleaner that has an excellent reputation. There are many reasons why a cleaner can perform poorly. The odor you may be experiencing may be mildew. If dry cleaning does not remove the odor try airing the garment outdoors for several days. If this does not work some cleaners that deal with cleaning clothing after a fire have an ozone room which generally can get rid of some very offensive smells. Try to find one of these guys in your neighborhood.

The lining does not have to be replaced unless it is torn to a point where it cannot be repaired. The odor is imbedded in the fabric, canvas etc. Replacing the lining will not solve your problem.

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