Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Rules of Interview Fashion - Dress For An Interview (Pt. 1)

Rule 1: Research Ahead

Choosing the right interview attire is not alchemy.
It's a matter of knowing the corporate culture and the position's demands.

Check out the website
  • Many corporate websites will show images of employees in their work routines. Use this as a clue. Also, review the career section for comments on interview etiquette.

Go to the source
  • Visit ahead of time to observe the workers in context. If dress is casual, be sure that it's not a dress down day such as Casual Friday. If you have any doubt call HR to ask what is expected.
  • Many companies expect professional attire for interviews even though the office dress code is quite casual.

Consider the type of position you are applying for
  • Creative positions such as advertising and design may allow for a more liberal look.
  • Positions involving high-level consultations, or meetings with important clients may require a classical professional look. If you are unsure of what standards to apply, ask a business dress expert

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