Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look Professional: Jacket and Pants

Business Attire VS Smart Casual

Mid to Dark colored suit

  • Solid Navy or Grey are best, you can consider a subtle stripe.
  • More prominent stripes are appropriate only for higher level executive positions
  • Black suits are more formal and austere. If you do wear black, soften the look with a blue shirt.

Pants: Must match jacket

  • Pleated pants have a more classical look
  • Flat front pants have a slimming, modern look, but may look awkward on larger men.
  • Suit pants and jacket MUST be tailored from identical fabric.


Khakis or slacks

  • Always with a crisp crease
  • Cotton, wool or micro-fiber
  • Darker colors are dressier
  • Lighter colors are more casual
  • Avoid jeans or cargo pants

Sport coat or blazer:

  • Makes a casual look a bit more formal
  • Can be removed for a more casual look
  • Choose a jacket in a solid shade or a subtle design (no bold, bright patterns or colors)

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