Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look Professional: Shirts and Ties

Business Attire VS Smart Casual

Dress shirt:

  • Shades of light to mid blue are most effective. If you choose another color, pastels are safest.
  • Subtle patterns are fine
  • White shirts create a more formal look
Silk Tie: Keep it subtle
  • Should coordinate with suit and shirt
  • Patterns in your shirt, tie and suit will fight each other unless they are different designs and size
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Casual Shirts:
  • Long-sleeved are more business oriented
  • Button-down is a neater look
  • Cotton or cotton-blend
  • Solid pastels or small subtle patterns subdued patterns
  • Crisp, clean and pressed
  • Avoid T-Shirts and black


  • Sweater alone or under a sport coat is a great look
  • Never a sweatshirt


  • Adds a touch of elegance

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