Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wearing Black Suits To Interviews

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People ask us, again and again, what is wrong with wearing a black suit to an interview?
Black is a color most often associated with formality and elegance. In an interview setting, black is too severe and somber. The interview experience needs a warmer, friendlier dress format.

Go to any major business center in any major North American city. You will see the most commonly worn suits in the corporate world are blue, followed by grey. Preferred shirts are pale blue followed by white with a subtle pattern.

Wear black suits with confidence to formal events; Balls, formal evenings and life cycle events such as weddings, communions and bar mitzvahs. Note that tuxedos and tails are almost always black to provide an air of elegance and sophistication.

If a black suit is your only option for the interview, soften the look with a pale blue shirt or a shirt with a soft pattern. Wear a tie with a pattern, not a solid color. Avoid formal ties, with too much black, white or silver.

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