Monday, May 26, 2008

The Right Suit: Fitting

Choosing The Right Suit: Fitting


Jacket Length

  • Should just cover crotch and seat of pants. Can hang 1-2" longer


  • Should fit snuggly against back of neck. Allow 1/4 - 1/2" of shirt collar to show
  • Back of jacket should lie flat against back below the collar

Body of Jacket

  • Should not be overly tight. Allow for some play when jacket is buttoned
  • A slight break on the back beside the armhole is fine, allowing for movement

Sleeve Length

  • Sleeve should come to the base of the palm when arms are at your sides
  • Shirt cuffs should show 1/4 - 1/2"

Note: It is very common for arms to be different lengths. Sleeves should be
tailored to fit each arm.

Suit Pants:
  • Pant should sit comfortably on the waist, just above the hips.
  • Pleats should not open. If pants are flat front, watch that pockets do not gape.
    These are both indications that the pant is tight on the seat.
  • Pant length should reach the heel in back or up to 1/2" shorter.
    Allow for a small break in the front.
  • Pleated pants can be worn with or without cuffs.
  • Flat front pants should be finished with plain bottoms.

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